AVENGERS Fantasy Re-design

What if you took the avengers and sent them back into a fantasy universe? Maybe they would look something like DeviantArt user DenisM79‘s sketches?

It’s worth looking through his gallery as he has also done Rockabilly redesigns of Cat Woman and Bat Man.

And if that’s not cool enough for you how about these slightly more stylized fantasy Avengers by Another Deviant Art User theDURRRRIAN


Le Chat Noir/Femme Chat

These three images by NinjaInk mix the Chat Noir poster with Cat Woman and Black Cat, they are ostensibly the same image, with the heads changed and with other minor modifications. Also Below is an Advert for Selina’s Nails a hypothetical Nail Salon.


Via Ninjaink

Cat Woman: Chat Noir Poster


Desenho do Dia. Catwoman, por Rafael Albuquerque (link para a nossa livraria online), em homenagem a Le Chat Noir de Theophile Steinlen.

I like this reinterpretations of the poster for the Chat Noir (Black Cat) cabaret house. It’s quite skilfully done and I have always liked Catwoman… The image is by Rafael Albuquerque apparently I don’t have much more information though…

Via Glamour From The Asylum