Pixelated Towel Censors Your Naked (Wo)man Flesh Just Like The Sims

Censorship Towel

You know in The Sims how when your sims take a shower they go al pixelated? How about doing that yourself by wearing this towel? This concept by Carmichael Collective is pretty cool. And reminds me of this Naked Sim Cosplay:

Via Laughing Squid

Censorship Towel


censorship towel

White Wash

There has recently been some controversy over the replacement of the word “Nigger” with “Slave” in a new edition of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. What I don’t get is how people think that “Slave” is any less offensive than “Nigger” sure the word has many negative connotations but those connotations stem from the time of slavery. The word “Nigger” was used as a catch all name for all people of Afro-Caribbean origin, regardless of the status of their freedom, replacing it wholesale with the word “Slave” implies that you are assuming that they are equivalent , which they aren’t.

Not to mention the fact that when Twain wrote Huck Finn he chose his words very carefully, it’s a satire of the way people thought at the time, yada yada yada. Anyway where does it go from here? Well the comic above shows how other works could possibly be re-edited by the ultra politically correct brigade.

Via  Bors Blog.