Trip To Edinburgh Zoo


MeercatsJaguarMeercatsOtter Nomming

Myself, Jen, Aimee, Chris and David



Annabel In Front of the Monkey EnclosureCousinA Bug in The HandAimee Holding a Stick InsectJen Holding a Hissing Cockroach





Edinburgh Zoo, a set on Flickr.

I’ve trimmed down the hundreds of photos I took to just these 10. Most were variations on a theme anyway.

I want to crop the chimpanzee picture a little.

I decided to shoot in full manual this time round, I don’t normally do this so I ended up with a lot of under exposed or blurry photos.

I might add some pictures of the Jaguar to this set later, I have some nice ones I’ve not added yet.

Mecha Chimp!

I absolutely love this image of a chimp in a suit of Mecha Armour. It’s by an artist called Kai Spannuth, I can’t find very much info about him aside from the fact that he is from Germany.

I know that he has a Deviant Art Page and he also has profile page on CG-Society as well as his own website.

He also creates a series of art called Roughneck Rabbit’s Fight Club which is where the above image comes from, it’s apparently called “Activist-23”.