The Cutest Coal Ornament

PREORDER - Coal Ornament

This Christmas Tree ornament is possibly one of the oddest gifts one could give somone. On the one hand you are essentially giving somone a lump of coal, which is a big Christmas no no,  on the other you are giving them one og the cutest things in the world!

They are available to pre-order from Steff Bomb on Etsy and cost just $15 (£9.70) + shipping.

PREORDER - Coal Ornament

Sincere Gift For Valentines Day

I Hate the Valentines day industry but I am still madly in love with you

I can totally get behind this message, Valentines Day is a commercial holiday, it’s got nothing to do with love and everything to do with card companies, restaurants, florists, hotels and resorts and a whole load of other people trying to make a quick buck out of people’s guilt.

Screw that. That said in buying this you are still supporting someone who is taking advantage of Valentines day, they may be marketing to people who hate it but they are harnessing your hate for evil! It’s like selling T-shirts that say Bah Humbug at Christmas, you may want make a statement about Christmas but you are unwittingly being used.

Maybe I’m just being to cynical…

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Petri Dish Christmas Ornaments

Petri Dish Christmas Ornaments - set of three

It’s a shame this guy is based in the states because I’m sure Avarinne would love these… I’m sure you could easily make your own, the guy says he just put prints of his petri dishes into new dishes… If however you can’t be bothered they are $20 for a set of 3 over at Etsy…

Petri Dish Christmas Ornaments - set of three

Petri Dish Christmas Ornaments - set of threePetri Dish Christmas Ornaments - set of three


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Pantone® Christmas Baubles!


I love these! I want these! They are awesome! Pantone® Christmas baubles! Need I say more! Exclamation Mark!

Can’t seem to find anywhere that sells them…

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I’m In For A Year of Bad Luck

Supposedly I’m in for a year of bad luck… Bring it on… Tree still up and still decorated, because we’ve been too busy to take it down. Will try and take it down tomorrow which will involve the use of a power saw because there is no way that the tree is going to fit out the door without that netting stuff they put in to help you transport them…