Magnet Comic

dry-erase dialog

I just found out about Magnet Comic a recently funded kickstarter project. You stick character onto the panels and can draw in speech bubbles in dry erase marker. It’s like fridge magnet poetry for comic strips.

Apparently there will be packs of characters you can buy when this reaches production, if only I had a fridge that had a magnetic door so I could stick one of these to it.

Your Daily Dose Of Cynicism


A not so happy comic by Gabrielle Bell about the three empty words that far too many people will feel obliged to say to someone today because of a third century Roman guy died on this day a long long time ago…

Are You a Gamer and an Alcoholic?

Liquor Hip Flask Stainless Steel Gameboy Serie 1   6 oz (F-65)

This Game Boy hip flask is available on Etsy from suzidressroom for just $16.59, but hurry there is only one. on a side note I don’t recall the text “Game Boy” being written in Comic Sans…

Here are the details:

This is a brand new stainless steel flask, excellent for gifts (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries), holidays, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, sporting events, bachelor parties and etc.

– Screw Cap with holder
– Made from Stainless Steel
– Lightweight and fit in your pocket
– Waterproof vinyl skin with UV resistance

This flask holds a full 6 oz and is perfect for you and your friends’ night on the town! Instead of buying several shots take our hip flasks along and the money you save after just 1 use will be more than enough to pay for your drinking flask!

Artwork is printed on a durable vinyl material and covered with multiple layers of crystal clear, does not easily tear, waterproof


This Never Occurred to Me About the End Of Fallout 3 [Spoilers]

[WARNING THIS COMIC CONTAINS A SPOILER FOR THE END OF FALLOUT 3 COMIC AFTER BREAK] Continue reading “This Never Occurred to Me About the End Of Fallout 3 [Spoilers]”