#WheresSerenity? Dark Horse Wont Let Them Take The Sky From Us!

Dark Horse have quietly released a press release:

Joss Whedon’s beloved Firefly series and Serenity film’s lifespan may have been short-lived, but managed to produce one of the most dedicated fanbases in the history of modern science fiction. Dark Horse is proud to be able to keep Mal and his crew flying with new comics and products. Look for the hashtag #WheresSerenity over the next few months on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages for exclusive news on the future of the franchise at Dark Horse!

This isn’t the first time Serenity/Firefly comics have been released but it’s nice to know that although we are probably not going to get any more TV shows that the ‘verse still lives on.


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Bravest Warriors: Animated Space Adventure Series by the Creator of Adventure Time

Bravest Warriors

I spent my evening last night watching these 5 minute episodes of Bravest Warriors, the new animated space adventure by Pendleton Ward the creator of Adventure Time.

I’ve only recently been inducted into the Adventure time cult, but I’ve fast grown to love the show, these episodes have everything that makes adventure time fun, just condensed into an even shorter time span and…


The episodes are to air exclusively online on the Bravest Warriors YouTube channel, and Boom Studios are releasing comics based on the show that you can buy now!

The Art Style is adventure time, the humour is adventure time, the voices are for the most part adventure time, and it has a chip tune theme song, what’s not to like, I’ve embedded the first few episodes here so you don’t have to go anywhere to watch them, you can thank me later.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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Escape From Friend Zone Game

I quite enjoyed a walk through the slightly cynical game, it’s essentially a choose your own adventure of dating, I got through it and thought I had escaped the dreaded friend zone but I didn’t. 🙁

See if you can do any better over at Peroxide comics

Mahmud A. Asrar: Steampunk and other stuff…

Steam Punk Super Girl

Given half a chance I’d blog everything I’ve seen by comic book artist Mahmud A Asrar , I went through his deviant artist gallery and… Well yeah… He is as far as I can tell an artist working for DC comics probably on Super Girl given she takes up most of his gallery. Here are some steam punk images and some other random tid bits, I’d recommend looking at his gallery if you like there is a lot more wher that came from.

Steam Punk Red Monika
Blowing Off Steam V
Blowing Off Steam III
Blowing Off Steam IV
Blowing Off Steam II
Blowing Off Steam
Blowing Off Steam VI



Super Girl With My Little Pony


Harly Quin
Black Cat
Wolalina Alice


Mental BatWoman

What Batwoman is this!?

I saw this strip and wanted to read the comic, but before I even got a chance to look up the source I noticed that somone had pointed out in the comments that it’s from an issue of Justice Leage (JLA #91) where Wonder Woman uses a machine to find out what would happen if she and batman were to have a kid. Apparently the rest of the issue is rubbish though…

I’d read a comic where the heroes were this mental… Actually I am reading a comic where the heroes are this mental as I’ve recently started reading “The Boys” arguably the “heroes” in the The Boys are more like villains…

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