Custom NES Converse Shoes


These NES Converse were created as a commission by Maya Pixelskaya who does a lot of Custom Converse stuff, as well as custom ties and guitars.

Although Maya will accept new commissions she doesn’t repeat her past designs, so these shoes are sadly one of a kind.

Portal Sneaker Boots

I’ve always thought that the Converse style “sneaker boots” you can get look cool but I’m not sure I could pull them off, or put them on for that matter as I have calves the size of… Well very big things…

These Portal Sneaker boots by artist Jared Sellers are pretty cool, what is it about adding a little blue and orange to a design and putting the Aperture science logo on things that makes them infinitely cooler? For some reason anything Portal is cool on the internet these days, I’m not about to argue, because my first reaction was “COOL PORTAL SNEAKER BOOTS!” and not “Oh no not another artist trying to rip off Portal” so there you have it…

Via Kotaku

Sneaker Socks

If you ever can’t decide whether you want to wear shoes of just socks these are the socks for you. They are called “Sneaker Socks” but they look a lot more like Converse calf high boots to me. Anyway this is what they look like when not one, I actually like the fact that they make it look like you are also wearing socks under your boots…