Pokemon Magic the Gathering Cards

Lets forget for a moment that there is already a Pokemon Card game, Reddit user cameronc65 uploaded this set of Pokemon Magic the Gathering Cards that his cousin has been working on. It’s pretty cool, not particularly balanced but cool none the less.

But wait there’s more! In the comments another Redditor (teenelmo26) also shared his set of Pokemon Magic the Gathering cards. There’s three generations of the damn things!

What’s pretty cool about this set is that he’s put in the trainers too. Although I would have treated the trainers as analogous to Planeswalkers  rather than as creatures.

You can see them all (Or at least most of them I may have cocked up the WordPress Gallery while writing this post so some of them might not be there) after the break.

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Trailer For Karateka Remake

I remember relishing going to my cousin’s house to play Karateka, I didn’t have it on my Mac, but he had it on his DOS PC. It was amazing, a game that had people that moved realistically! This was before Prince of Persia blew my mind yet again.

I love the theme of this trailer for the remake, I love that it uses the original graphics running on an Apple II, I’m not too overstruck with the visuals in the new game though, I’m sure that the game will be quite cool, but I don’t think it’s going to live up the the nostalgia of the original.

Good trailer though.

BBQ Made From Front of a 78 GMC Pick-Up Truck

My cousin’s son runs a metal work shop called Radical Motor Sports (FaceBook page) in Saudi and I saw that they had posted this awesome BBQ conversion. They’ve taken the front end of a 1978 GMC pick-up truck and turned it into a sweet looking BBQ.

There are a few more pictures of it and pictures of what it looked like before they started work on it in their gallery.