Sterling Silver Origami Necklaces

I bought @Avarinne something like this from a craft market a while ago, but I don’t think it was Sterling Silver if it was it certainly didn’t cost as much as these things do… Still they are very pretty. They are on sale for the next day or so: Origami Crane (Above) Origami Triceratops & Origami Dog (Below) all $139.50

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Origami Tea Bags

Russian Artist/Designer Natalia Ponomareva has created this concept for Origami tea bags. I love tea and I love origami so it saddens me that this is just a concept. I also wonder why she chose the above “Dove” design over the more recognisable “crane” especially since the crane has a ready made compartment to put the tea leaves.

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Jello + Origami = Jellogami

Jello + Origami = Jellogami

I’m a big fan of Jello/Jelly (depending on which side of the pond you hail from. I’m also a fan of origami, so when I found out that a group of people called My Jello Americans (You could not make this up…) Had made “Jello Origami” I was extatic! Okay maybe not extatic but a smile did creep across my face…

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Video Instructions!

Jellogami from My Jello Americans on Vimeo.