Cheese Burger Earrings

Cheese Burger Earrings - Made to Order - DIY Handmade Crochet

So you have your Hamburger Dress and you are ready to hit the town, but you need accessories right? Well these Cheeseburger ear rings are made to Order by knottyfingers on etsy, and would be the perfect companion to your Hamburger Dress…

It’s worth looking at the rest of the items they have for sale which include a Human Centipede scarf… No I’m not going to link to it…

Oddly Zemanta thinks that this is a relevant image, which is fine as it’s someone wearing the afore mentions Hamburger dress:

audra the cheeseburger
audra the cheeseburger (Photo credit: lolololori)

Crochet Ninja Turtle Beanie

Found this pretty cool TMNT beanie on Etsy by lpatch13:

Both Ninja Turtle beanie & eye mask are handmade with 100% acrylic yarn with my very own pattern! The hat and eye mask are 2 seperate pieces that can be worn over your eyes or pulled back on top of head/beanie. The eye mask is a complete circle made to wrap around head/face (but can also be made to connect in the back with velcro if specified).

The same shop also has sells a Castle Crashers Beanie:

That mannequin is really creepy…

Via Etsy.

Crochet Mega Man Helmets!


I want all of these Crochet Mega Man helmets by Etsy user Talli I don’t even know which I like the most the Mega Man X one above the ProtoMan one:

The Mega Man EXE one:

Or just the original Mega Man

They are all pretty cool, in a super geeky kind of way, they are also really practical as they have ear warmers built into them! What more could you ask for? Except maybe Bass

MegaMan X Helmet Free International Shipping by tallib on Etsy.

Crochet a Bacteriophage Virus!

Crochet Bacteriophage

Bacteriophages are awesome, stuff you can make is awesome, making a bacteriophage is awesome! If I could crochet this is what I would crochet all day long. Okay maybe not.

Still there is a cool pattern over at instructables on how to crochet your very own bacteriophage. Surely I know at least a couple of life scientist who can pull this off…

Via Instructables.