Competition To Create Games For Cats

Cat food Manufacturer Purina are running a hackathon to create games for cats the top prize is $15k with $3k and $2k runner up prizes.

I’ve had mixed success getting my cat to play with my iPad I’ve downloaded Game for Cats but my cats seem to not be very interested in it, I think because the mouse/laser pointer thing they chase leaves the screen just as they start to get interested in it, my cats invariably end up trying to look under the iPad for it.

The developers of the afore mentioned game have provided advice to other developers who want to make their own games for cats over at Gamustura if you want to participate.

Here is a short video of Game for Cats in action:

L.A Noire Gag Reel Shows How Amazing The Tech They Used Was

The tech behind LA Noir took so long to develop that it bankrupted the developers that made it, however as this blooper reel shows it was well worth it. The motion capture technology captures everything from tongue waggling to sneezes.

Thanks @infinitysum (Website) for pointing this out to me.