Totoro Matryoshka Doll

I often find my self thinking of somthing cool and then Googling it in the vain hope that it exists, that’s how I foudn this lovely Totoro matryoshka doll by *Blackmago on deviantART.

It goes from Totoro all the way to the soot sprites, although strictly speaking Totoro should be inside the Cat Bus I’m going to allow for artistic liceence in this instance as Totoro is the main character of the film.

Cyberpunk Princess

This is a fairly cool version of Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast but with a cyberpunk twist. It’s by ArtosTrasoAtros on deviantART and was a submission for the Battle Artist tournament.

Game of Thrones Brawler!

Capcom announce a new 2D Brawler for the PS3  based on Game of Thrones! The Screen shot above shows Rob Stark fighting Khal Drogo.

I wish this was true, it’s not… This is a mock up by deviant art user Dynamaito.

Deviant Art

Super Mario World Art Nouveau

This art Nouveau piece by *NoxIllunis971 on deviantART is supposed to capture the main characters of Super Mario World. While it’s very pretty and I do hate to be a pedant, but Shy Guys don’t feature in Super Mario World… Neither does the POW block. Aside from that… Very nice.

Star Wars Dollar Bill Origami

Deviant Art user orudorumagi11 has a full gallery of Dollar Bill origami, some of it is pretty cool and Star Wars Themed. Go check it out…

Via Deviant Art

Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom

Deviant artist steevinlove has been hard at work re-imagining the Disney princesses as Comic book heroines, he’s done a good job and come up with some cringe-worthy names for them… Apparently the inspiration came from the Disney/Marvel merger. I just think it’s awesome he’s included Mary Poppins it’s good to see the British contingent represented…

Re-imagined well known heroines of history, fairy tales and fables coming together as a team of superheroes known as “The Defenders of the Enchanted Kingdom” Their lives have taken mysterious turns and led some down darker paths that have brought them together to protect their magical land.

via deviantART.