You Know How They Say Japanese TV Is Messed Up… (NSFW)

So you know how they say Japanese TV is really strange… I was channel surfing in my hotel room while I was packing to leave Tokyo on Saturday night, and this came on the screen… To be honest I have no idea why I watched this except for complete bewilderment. It seems to me like it was a short film about a girl who was ostracized from her school because she refused to wear the school uniform. The school uniform being a bra panties and high stocking in blue so bright it made your eyes bleed.

My what the fuckomiter was going completely haywire while watching this show, it’s an all girls school with a single male teacher and some mean prefects that seems to wear slightly different clothes. At some point the girl who refuses to conform decides she’s going to sleep in a tent in the class. Which insights more bullying, and eventually the move her out of the class by collapsing the tent while she’s sleeping in it and putting it up somewhere else.

She decides to run away from the school because, you know she’s being bullied to wear clothes that she’s not comfortable wearing, and has a touching farewell with her friend where she hands her her notes, and then runs away, when her friend looks int he notes she finds a drawing of everyone who has been mean to her…

The friend feels bad about this and tells everyone that they’ve been mean to the girl, and for some reason the girl comes back and they decide that she doesn’t need to take off her clothes to be accepted. YAY! Isn’t that a lovely moral, you don’t have to take off your clothes to be popular.

Then because everyone has been so nice to her she decides that she is going to take her clothes off anyway and they all dance in a circle…

I forgot to mention she was wearing the school uniform she objected to so much under the clothes that she had been wearing throughout the entire show… How convenient…

Custom Made Etch-A-Sketch Mini Skirt!

magnetic 80s toy skirt

The same person who made the GameBoy Dress I blogged about ages ago is selling an Etch-A-Sketch mini skirt. She’ll put any drawing you want on the Etch-A-Sketch apparently.

Go check it out on her Etsy shop.

Nice Image Shame About the Inspiration

I really like this image, there is something about a bridge going over the horizon that is a bit magical, unfortunately if you read the comment by =saiyagina on the image:

 I was inspired to do this while reading New Moon from Stephenie Meyer, ah, I love romance. You can picture these two a little like Edward and Bella, but… ok, Edward is not a cloud spirit xDDD as I said, it was inspired from it, but it’s not fanart!

Why do talented people read such dross? The image remids me of a picture by a friend of mine:

July 13th - Love is...

Via Deviant Art