Dream Journal: Possessed by a Caterpillar

I had an odd dream last night, it was a bit like a horror movie. In the dream I wasn’t me I was a woman who in the course of the dream came into possession of a cursed caterpillar.

This caterpillar, was this bulbous blue glowing grub thin, which made me see horrible visions of dead people. It was driving me mad, not one else could see the visions at least I thought this was the case until I for some reason visited an insane asylum, everyone there could see that I was tainted by the dead, and they went completely mad (or at least more so) pointing at me saying that I was cursed.

I think the haunting had something so do with water, I remember a part of the dream where I was wading thought a really long  but narrow swimming pool like thing, and I was surrounded by ghostly images of dead people.

I think towards the end of the dream I somehow managed to get rid of the caterpillar by throwing it off a cliff, why it had to be this particular cliff I don’t know. But as far as i know it worked…

Dream Journal: Intrigue

I had an odd dream last night I was travelling to a castle with a group of friends, we were initially just sight seeing but when we got to the castle it turned out there was some government body based there.
I was queueing to get something done in the administrative wing of the castle and there was a woman I tears in front of me. I turned out age had a letter from her estranged husband who was holding her son captive. Each part of the letter was written in a different language including Arabic, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and Mayan among others.
I helped translate the Arabic which they had made a complete mess of abduction it turned out the boy was being held in Saudi Arabia.
So I offered to put the woman in touch with someone who could help her get her son back.

Dream Journal/Story Idea: The forgetful slumber

I don’t remember much about my dream last night apart from being in a situation where someone had cast a spell on me and a group of people where we would slowly lose our memories every time we went to sleep. So we had to stay awake at all costs less we forget who we were.

I think it would make an interesting premise for a short story.

Dream Fragment/Story Idea: The democracy tree

I had this dream about the time of the general election it was of a society of woodland people, possibly elves possibly not. The people were in the process of democratically electing a leader, there were two candidates each of whom had their say on a podium facing the people in front of an enormous tree.

Once the candidates had had a chance to have their say, and they had fielded questions from the crowd, the who crowd broke into dance while chanting.

The leaves of the tree fell one by one, until the tree was barren. Then the leaves were collected and sorted by colour, the candidate who had the most leaves was the leader of the people until next autumn when the ritual would be repeated.

Dream Journal: Wierd shoe shopping experience.

Last night i think i had a few dreams. I only remember one of them though and now only vaguely… For some reason I was on the run for someone and I’d lost my shoes. I needed to buy shoes because the ground outside was ripping my feet to shreds.

I was in a shop that normally sold shoes but didn’t for some reason. I was told that another branch of the same shop might have shoes but this one didn’t stock any. As I was walking around i found some shoes, costing anywhere between £1 and £80 and possibly more. When i checked my money i found that I only had £1 on me, so I tried to get one of the cheaper shoes, but everything was in the wrong place and none of the shoes i found were the £1 ones, even a pair of beaten up falling to pieces trainers were £80, I think eventually I did find some shoes that were £1 but the didn’t fit me. I spoke to the staff about the shoes and they said that they didn’t have any cheap shoes that would fit me…

Then the manager of the shop announced to the staff in a language that i get the feeling that i wasn’t supposed to understand but did that there was an incentive on for staff to sell me anything, this was uttered with some kind of reference to me as being the Fat customer or something like that, I don’t remember the exact wording.

I decided to complain to the management about them insulting me like this, but in order to do so i had to sneak into the backstage area of the shop to get to the offices and when I got there It looked more like some kind of evil villains lair, with scantilly clad women wondering about wearing police hats… I eventually found the person who I was goingto complain to just as my alarm went off and woke me up…

So this dream seems to expose that I have financial issues, am insecure about my weight, and my shoe size. Also I don’t trust anyone in retail.

Dream Journal: Chocolate Nightmare & T.E.D.

I had two very odd dreams last night:
The first involved me going to a black tie dinner party with my parents and soem friends of the family. When we arrived at the party the people running were very snooty, and insulted my friend, but not much interesting happened untill the dessert course was served.
Instead of a dessert course we were dropped into a dungeon of sentient chocolate… it was rather disturbing, the chocholate attacked us and we had to make our way through caverns to try to get out. I remember thre being little chocholate chicks that came out of chocolate eggs which then attacked us and I remember there being a huge chocolate fae on a wall that bombarded us with a tidal wave of chocolate. It was quite scary I don’t think I’m going to be able to look at a dairy milk in the same way for a while.
The second dream was set in some mashup of my old flat on byres road the house I lived in in saudi when I was 10 and my current house in Glasgow. It involved the same friends of the family that were in the previous dream, so it might have been a continuation, I think I’d woken up briefly between them though.
There was some commotion happening outside on Byres road, we looked out the window and it was total chaos. People were wondering about with billboards saying that T.E.D. had happened. I think T.E.D. was The End of Days but I’m not sure…
Anyway The TV was saying that there was no point in going to work because T.E.D. was happening, and people were panicking, I was unsure whether I should go to work or not, but it was too early to call in to find out what the company line was. The door bell rang and somone opened the door with a key from the outside, it was apparently somone fromt he government, who had a key because they were from the government. They handed me a pack of stuff to do with T.E.D. One of which was a pamphlet that told us what to do in the event of T.E.D. another was a card with my name and a barcode that had somethign to do with T.E.D. the reason that I was the only person in the house to get a pack was because I was the only registered voter in the house…
The pamphlet said something about invading France, and blowing up the eifle tower because it ws hiding large fuel reserves under it or some such.
The last think I remember was flicking throught he TV trying to figure out what was happening and not findign any info about T.E.D., looking out the window and seeing TV crews interviewing people about T.E.D. on Byres road and wanting to go down there to be on TV and find out what the hell was going on.
On reflection I think T.E.D. might have been The End of Dreams, as I think I had the last bit of my dream between waking up for one alarm and snoozing my alarm for 20 minutes, I think my subconscious was trying to find some justification for staying in bed and not going to work.
It didn’t work, I’m at work now…

Story Idea: 100 Times

I basically dremt the entire plot to a horror movie last night. The basic premise was that somone cursed a neighborhood so that anyone who performed any action 100 times would die.

I don’t remember much more about the dream other than that the only way the curse could be lifted was by killing the person who had raised it. Which lead to mobs of people accusing each other of being the person who raised the curse, and killing each other.

People also had to avoid repetition in their actions because if they did anything too often they they’d die. I can’t remember exactly what the dreams definition of a thing was.

In my dream it turned out that the curse had been raised by some kid who with an electric guitar (I love the way dreams give you so much detail in for some things but the most absurd things can also just make sense) I think we found another way to lift the curse I cant remember.

There were other sinister things going on like there was a woman with loads of kids and she was using them to experiment on the cause of the curse, I think in the dream she was Indian but I’m not sure (Go my rascist subconscience and it’s adherance to stereo types)…

The rest of the dream is a bit fuzzy im my memory now, and I think it’s intermingled with another dream I had about the army invading the neighborhood I live in and the whole neighborhood turning out to be a test bed for experimental super soldiers…

The dream has just given me an idea for a satyrical game show though… Just a minute: extreme you have a minute to talk on a subject and if you repeat yourself or hesitate you die…

Anyway, I thought I’d blog it as the premise of a curse that killed anyone who did anything 100 times sounded interesting.