Story Idea: Take your happy pills.

I had an idea for a story while in the shower this morning, set in a noot too distant future where people aren’t capable of having emotions anymore.

In order to experience an emotion you would have to take a pill/drink that imbued you with that emotion. Some emotions would be fairly common happiness for example would be available in bars, and would be provided to guests at weddings. It would be a bit of a social faux pas to turn up to a funeral not having taken some sad and maybe a little bit of remorse.

Some emotions would be rained and only available over the counter like love. Others would only be available from black market dealers like rage and anger.

I think some emotions would be addictive to some people, use of self righteousness for example would be rife in the religious establishment.

Other emotions would only be available to the police, I envision the use of fear gas grenades on rioters who’d taken too much anger. Maybe detectives would stock up on inquisitive while trying to solve a case.

I think that rather than experiencing an emotion you might get a craving for it, and that would lead to you seeking it out.

The plot as it is centers around a police officer/detective who is investigating black market emotions and stumbles onto a rage dealing ring

I don’t have much more in the way of plot, at the moment its just a concept. I’m going to think on it and see where it goes.

Inability to sit still.

I find it milldly amusing that two stumbles in a row stumbled upon gave me something to do with not being able to sit still. Especially when I’m feeling like I’d rather be running around the house than, doing work.

The first a quote by Blaise Pascal:

“I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man’s being unable to sit still in a room.”

And the second a video by Keith Schofieled about drugs.
The video is actually a music video of a song called “I can’t sit still” by Wintergreen with the method of synthesizing a number of mind altering substances using household ingredients, you can find the original video here.
As a T-Totaler I’m don’t really condone drug use, but I find it interesting that despite the amount of legislation there is out there on this kind of stuff that it’s that easy to do.
Do not try this at home, you might kill yourself if you get it wrong.
Video after the break… (Warning it autoplays, I’ve tried to get it not to)
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