Chronotrigger Winnie The Pooh Crossover

Artists should make their signatures easier to read… It took me 4 attempts at figuring out what the artist who drew this picture I found on Reddit’s surname. Her name is Sylvia T. Leung (Not Leary, Leany or  Learg they don’t exist or don’t draw images about ChronoTrigger).

But I like to do my due diligence, so I found her profile on Deviant Art, she’ s done another rough image of the same characters:

A Ditty Thanking Internet Trolls For Their Hard Work And Due Diligence

Anyone who has ever posted anything online has met the internet troll, that lovely creature that passes judgement on your hard word with scathing words. These people are the highest caliber of internet users, they do no wrong and everyone else is inferior. Their sole creative output may be an incomprehensible stream of insults, but lets be fair abusing the English language with the mastery that they possess takes years of dedication.

I don’t know if this song by Isabel Fay is in response to a particular troll or dedicated to trolls everywhere, but it’s quite amusing…

Found via @Glinner on twitter

I expect a stream of insulting comments questioning my sexuality and wishing chronic diseases on me, but I expect that wont happen…