Fable III: Kingmaker, What a pile of shite.

I’m a big fan of the Idea of having games tying into each other. I played the Fable II “A Hero’s Tale” Flash game obsessively to get all the extra Items it provided, and I played at least a little of the “Fable II: Pub Games” mini game to get some money, although not as much as it wasn’t as fun. So when I heard that prior to the release of Fable III they were releasing an augmented reality game called Fable III: Kingmaker (Requires Silverlight) I was a little excited.

I downloaded the “Game” to my phone and to be honest I’m a little disappointed. The Hero’s tale game had you making choices, it was well… A game…. Kingmaker is like a lame version of 4Square.When you sign up to Kingmaker you are randomly assigned to a side, either the Royals or the Rebels. The UK has been arbitrarily divided into regions and you can plant up to 10 Flags a day, anywhere you happen to be. The side with the most flags in a region owns that side. I think you get stuff for owning a region but as I live in a predominantly Rebel territory and I am on the side of the Royals I have yet to see this.

Every time you plant a flag you get 50 gold coins which will be transferred to your character in Fable III, you can also earn more money by planting flags in more than one region on a given day, and by hunting for treasure, which amounts to checking in at one of about 20 different Game stores around the UK. Lion head have partnered with Game and only game for this, which annoys me, what also annoys me is that there is only one Treasure Hoard near me and that is in Edinburgh. I’m not going to go to Edinburgh just to get money in a game.

The interface for the game is extremely clunky and sluggish, it looks and acts like a web page. You have to login every time you start the application, and it gives you next to no feedback on how the “battle” is going. only that there were X flags planted for the Rebels and Y for the Royals, whether this is across the country or in your region isn’t immediately clear, I hazard a guess it’s across the country.

The Treasure Tab seems to have just stopped working of late, so I assume either all the treasure that is available has been claimed or the app is just rubbish. On the Home tab you have the option to quick plans a flag, or you can go to the “Plant a flag” to er… Plant a flag where you are, this is just pointless UI redundancy.

There is no game to this, it’s not fun, there is none of the wit that fable is famous for, this looks like something someone threw together in an afternoon. Oh and if past experience of Fable games is anything to go by it’s pointless as the one thing that your character never seemed to lack in Fable II was money.

If this had little games that you could play to win territory, allowed you to get unique items through it and actually was fun to play then I’d see the point in it. As it is it’s a failed marketing ploy. It’s not going to stop me from getting Fable III, but I was going to get Fable III anyway, it’s certainly not making me rush out there to pre-order it.

Fable III: Kingmaker is available for free from the Android Market and I would assume in the iTunes Store, it’s not really worth getting, but knock yourself out.