Y: The Last Man Movie Gets Director

According to The Mary Sue the film adaptation of Y: The Last Man has a director attached to it. Dan Trachtenberg directed a Portal fan film called “Portal: No Escape” (See below).

Y: The Last Man is a graphic novel by Brian K Vaughan and covers the story of Yorrik the only man left standing when every mammal with a Y Chromosome on the planet suddenly dies. That is every mammal except for his pet monkey “Ampersand”.

It’s a beautifully done comic and I’ve had the fourth volume sitting on my to read stack for far to long. I think I know what I’m spending my evening doing…

Really Dark Voltron Fan Film

As far as I can tell Voltron: Defender of the Universe, never made it to the UK, which is disappointing, I loved this TV show when I was a kid. This fan-made film adds a level of darkness to the canon. As Susana Polo of the The Mary Sue rightly points out this has an almost BSG level of realism to it.

I love the Quote:

This is how the mighty fall, Not with a roar but with one small last breath.

I think there is a cartoon reboot of Voltron being aired, I’ve not had a chance to see it yet though.

Via The Mary Sue