I’m Not Entirely Sure I Could Sleep With This Above My Head

We bought an aquarium 6 or so months ago and since then we’ve been a little bit fish crazy, but I’m not entirely sure I could sleep with this thing above my head. It’s made by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and cost a whopping $11,500 (That’s a little over £7k) but it’s still really cool, there are 650 Gallons of water in there, which means you can have a lot of fish…

I’ve been meaning to post some funky Aquariums for quite some time, so this is my excuse to post a few more like this bathroom sink for example by Italbrass it’s only $4,500:

Fish Aquarium Bathroom Sink

You know what in looking I’ve found a blog post by someone else that has 20 unusual aquariums… I’m not going to replicate their effort…



Captain America Shield Bag + Super Hero Swim Suits

Captain America, shield round bag, purse with adjustable strap, costume, cosplay, Marvel comics

If this Captain America doesn’t make feel patriotic then you probably aren’t American (I’m not and it doesn’t make me feel patriotic, that is all the evidence I have to go on). I imagine women going out and fighting crime with this thing… I wonder if it comes back to you if you throw it…

If that’s not your cup of tea how about these super hero inspired swim suits by Splish?

There’s even ones for the Guys!

I very much doubt that they are officially licensed as the Aquaman trunks are labeled as being “Fish Dude”… The Wonder Woman suit is “Awesome Girl” Captain America is “Big Star” and the Aquaman womans swimsuit is “Fishchick” They range in price from $29.95 for the trunks to $49.95 for the swimsuits.

Neanderthals Discovered DNA 42,000 Years Ago?

The Image above is probably of fish or buffalo or something like that but to me it looks a little like the cave men were trying to draw the double helix structure of DNA.

What you were expecting an actual story, do you know where you are? Check the source link for that, although I didn’t read it so their analysis could be just as farcical as mine.

Via Hyper Allergic

I for one welcome our genetically modified super trout overlords

Researchers at the university of Rhode Island have created transgenic super trout. They by inhibiting Myostatin they have increased the amount of muscle the trout form. Muscle is meat, so this means that there is more eatin’ on the trout, assuming that they can get regulatory approval this would mean that there would be more fish to go around.

This is similar to the mutation in Belgian Blue Cattle which leads to double muscling.