So Many Feels: My Daily Struggle

Cake free for 10 days! I assume, I’ve not actually been counting, but it feels like 10 days, maybe longer… Perhaps I should have cake today because I don’t know when I last had cake and then I can start a counter of how long I’ve not had cake for. That’s a good justification for cake isn’t it? CAKE!

Via Twice Shy

How To Choose The Perfect Board Game

This flow chart reads like a wishlist for me… Although I disagree with BSG taking less than two hours to play.

Some of my all time favourites are in there like the afore mention BSG, Game of Thrones, and Risk. As well as some I’ve had a chance to play but don’t own yet like Dominion, and Pandemic and Carcassonne (I still can’t pronounce that).

I’m going to have to go over this and pick out some to buy, also this has reminded me that I need to write a review of Small World.

Via Silver Oak Casino

Clean House Flow Chart

I don’t know about you but when I clean the house it tends to consist of my shuffling things about the house to clear different areas, by cluttering up other areas, I also have a really bad tendency to get distracted by cleaning one thing while I’m supposed to be cleaning something else. The flow chart above might just be what I need to organise myself. Then again if I did print it out and use it as a check list I’d probably lose it when I got distracted by something…

Via Life On Paper