Pixel Parachute Pants!

Want to boogie like it’s 1990? Well you can’t touch these parachute pants! I don’t know where I’m going with this… Dream Nation on Etsy sells these custom Eco-Friendly bamboo fibre/organic cotton “Hammer Pants”, they might actually be “Hareem Pants” I’m not sure not being a fashion journalist. There are also a variety of Pixelated Leggings like the ones below:

Or if you prefer a little more green there are these ones:

BAMBOO fiber/ organic cotton leggings. ECO friendly. GREEN pixels pattern. Women size sm

Via IT 8-Bit

Resistance is Fu-Tie-le

I like the concept behind this, but I’m afraid I don’t like the colour of the actual tie, sure it’s true to life and it’s a colour that I’m perfectly happy to be on my circuit boards, but I’m not sure I would like to wear it.

For the confused the above tie represents a resistor, the different bands tell you what the resistance of the resistor is, you can use the below chart to tell that the above resistor is 5600 Ohms +- 5%

Personally I prefer the other colours of resistor you get like this one:

Or maybe this one:

I assume you can make custom requests…

Via Sternlab

Geek Chic

I hate the fashion labels that this design is spoofing, because I think the intrinsic design is ugly and the products that are adorned with it are overly expesive. I think it’s Louise Vuitton but as far as I’m concerned LV, Gucci, D&G and the like are all interchangeable and you’d never catch me wearing anything by any of them.

I’ve actually got a subconscious bias against people who wear these brands, I immediately assume that anyone who wears them is an idiot, mainly because they have bought an intrinsically ugly product purely because it has a logo stamped all over it, and are now perpetuating that log as walking advertisements for it…

Anyway you can score this design: “Geek Chic,” to help it get printed on Threadless!