Nice Image Shame About the Inspiration

I really like this image, there is something about a bridge going over the horizon that is a bit magical, unfortunately if you read the comment by =saiyagina on the image:

 I was inspired to do this while reading New Moon from Stephenie Meyer, ah, I love romance. You can picture these two a little like Edward and Bella, but… ok, Edward is not a cloud spirit xDDD as I said, it was inspired from it, but it’s not fanart!

Why do talented people read such dross? The image remids me of a picture by a friend of mine:

July 13th - Love is...

Via Deviant Art

Reto 1980’s Pixel Mosaic Coffee Tables

I admit I could probably make this table by Etsy seller ushanz using some tiles from B&Q and a table from Ikea, but if you don’t have the inclination to it’s nice to know that someone is willing to sell you one for £127 or so. She (I assume it’s a she…) has some other pixelated designs like this Yoshi:

But Also has some other pretty cool custom furniture like this Romance Novel Chair, which is covered in the “Saucy Bits” of romance novels… Interesting…

Via ushanz on Etsy.