This Puts PacMan into Context

“The Madness of Mission 6”
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Back in the early days of gaming graphics were abstractions of what was supposed to be happening in the game, this image, which is a T-Shirt available at Threadless puts PacMan into context. PacMan is an astronautic stuck on a  space ship being chased by his own inner demons. The only way to stay sane and survive is to consume huge quantities of anti anxiety pills. Some of the pills he takes allow him to temporarily conquer his inner demons and the hunted becomes the hunter, but as with all things this it fleeting, and his anxiety soon returns to haunt him.

At least that’s what it means to me…

Via  GameFreaks

Dream Journal: Possessed by a Caterpillar

I had an odd dream last night, it was a bit like a horror movie. In the dream I wasn’t me I was a woman who in the course of the dream came into possession of a cursed caterpillar.

This caterpillar, was this bulbous blue glowing grub thin, which made me see horrible visions of dead people. It was driving me mad, not one else could see the visions at least I thought this was the case until I for some reason visited an insane asylum, everyone there could see that I was tainted by the dead, and they went completely mad (or at least more so) pointing at me saying that I was cursed.

I think the haunting had something so do with water, I remember a part of the dream where I was wading thought a really long  but narrow swimming pool like thing, and I was surrounded by ghostly images of dead people.

I think towards the end of the dream I somehow managed to get rid of the caterpillar by throwing it off a cliff, why it had to be this particular cliff I don’t know. But as far as i know it worked…