Biodegradable Graffiti Made of Living Moss

I stumbled onto the image below which tells you how to make moss graffiti in simple steps, I did a quick Google and also found an instructables article on this and another that suggests beer instead of butter milk. All in all the idea is pretty neat, although I think moss can be a bitch to get rid of.

I wonder how long it will be before someone starts using this technique and a plastic stencil to do Banksy-esque graffiti using moss.

Via Real Lol


Pac Man Graffiti Using Construction Paper!

Katie Sokeler is a freelance photographer and street artist living in Brooklyn and she took these awesome photo’s of Pacman in real life after she stuck paper Pacman shapes on walls fences etc…

Albotas Via Color Me Katie

Lemmings Graffiti

If there is one game that conjures nostalgia in me more that Pac Man it’s Lemmings. I spent hours playing Lemmings and Oh no more Lemmings on my Amiga 600, and my Mac when I was a kid.

This is some graffiti featuring some lemmings on a railway bridge in Copenhagen, Denmark

Lemmings In Real Life | Kotaku Australia.