Y: The Last Man Movie Gets Director

According to The Mary Sue the film adaptation of Y: The Last Man has a director attached to it. Dan Trachtenberg directed a Portal fan film called “Portal: No Escape” (See below).

Y: The Last Man is a graphic novel by Brian K Vaughan and covers the story of Yorrik the only man left standing when every mammal with a Y Chromosome on the planet suddenly dies. That is every mammal except for his pet monkey “Ampersand”.

It’s a beautifully done comic and I’ve had the fourth volume sitting on my to read stack for far to long. I think I know what I’m spending my evening doing…

Shepard Book Graphic Novel!

Shepard Book was one of the more interesting characters in Firefly, he obviously had an interesting back story that was never really explored, and then he got shafted in Serenity. Well now Joss Whedon and his brother Zack have written a graphic novel which covers his back story, including apparently him finding god in a bowl of soup…

I’ve not read any of the Firefly books but I would buy this.

Via io9