Lego Transformer Gameboy!

UPDATE (27-06-2012 or 06-27-2012 depending on which side of the Atlantic you happen to be on): This has recently been posted on GameFAQs and someone there pointed out that there is a Instrubtable giving you the parts list for this. I’ve also blogged about that.

If you wanted to condense my childhood toys into a single artefact you’d struggle to beat this creation by Julius of MocPages. It’s a Nintendo GameBoy made out of Lego that is also a Transformer! Based roughly on Sound Wave the detail on this piece is immense, the the batteries turn into his guns, and the Tetris Cartridge actually transforms into something that looks an aweful lot like Lazer Beak.

What’s more it’s not his only Nintendo Transformer made out of Lego, he’s also made a Nintendo Light Gun Transformer entitled PlasmaShock this looks like it’s based on the Decepticon Jet toys (Why not Megatron?):


Badass Lego Guns…

Thank you InfinitySum for pointing this video out to me, Martin Hudepohl has created a bunch of working Lego guns and is selling a book that tells you how to make them!

The book is available on Amazon, but you will have buy the bricks yourself, I defy you not to want to buy this having seen the video above, you can also get the book “Forbidden Lego” on Amazon but it looks like the stuff in that is powered rather than using elastic bands, and when the Lego apocalypse happens and you are out of batteries you will rue the day you bought the wrong book…

Here is a video of one of the guns from Forbidden Lego:

Via The Register.