This Never Occurred to Me About the End Of Fallout 3 [Spoilers]

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5 Ways to Break Up with Your Girlfriend Without Hurting Her Feelings

Breaking up is never easy, it’s rife with emotional baggage, there’s guilt tripping, anger, sadness frustration, stalking whatever… You don’t need that kind of hassle do you? These graphics show 5 simple (Okay not so simple) ways you can break up with someone without having to go through that.

If any of these work for you please leave a comment and tell us your story…

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Social Network Privacy + Bonus Rant…

I’ve noticed a few stories cropping up over the past week of employers requiring candidates to give them access to their social networking as well as coaches demanding that athletes friend them so that they can monitor them.

While I think this kind of behaviour is deplorable, and to be honest if an employer asked me to sign in to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn or whatever in the middle of an interview I’d walk out as that is not that kind of organization I want to work for, I’m not sure why people don’t see the simple way round this:

Just have two Facebook accounts!


One that is private and has all your pictures of the sordid acts you perform on barn yard animals with custard at the weekend and another account that shows you as an upstanding citizen.

It’s not rocket science…

Sure curating the account might be a bit of hassle, but it should be easy enough to friend a few people and just leave the account to fester, then when they ask you why you update so infrequently just tell them you don’t really use social media. Unless you are going in for a job at a marketing firm as a “Social Media Guru” this shouldn’t affect your chances one bit.

By the by: If you do describe yourself a “Social Media Guru” though seek help, chances are you aren’t. You are a toss pot. This is a completely different rant, but following hundreds of people who are “Social Media Gurus” and posting nothing but articles about increasing your follower count, or maximising your follower potential, or anything that has nothing to do with anything but social media does not make you a guru, it makes you a retard. Having 90,000 followers on Twitter all of whom describe themselves as “Social Media Gurus” just means you have your head firmly shoved up your ass and are participating in the worlds most social and pointless circle jerk.

I’m not going to pretend that I know everything there is to know about social media, in fact I acknowledge that I don’t know much about it, but it’s painfully obvious that having 10 followers who actually care about the content that you are posting and retweet it is more valuable than living in an echo chamber that is a hundred million “Social Media Gurus” waxing lyrical about stuff no one cares about.

Anyway like I said this is a rant for another day…

The Music Festival Experience


I can’t agree more with this cartoon about The Music Festival Experience by Pleated-Jeans, I’m not sure if I’m just the wrong type of person for music festivals, but in my experience they are more hassle than they are worth. I’ve worked at more festivals than I’ve actually been to but even then, getting to the festival site was a pain in the back side, everything was overpriced when you get there, it was always either too hot, too cold (Arguably I went to a festival in the middle of winter wearing shorts and ended up wearing a space blanket as a kilt) or raining and muddy. You are surrounded by several thousand sweaty people who are on a cocktail of substances that make them total ass-holes. Oh and the music is usually rubbish, except for the one artist you went to the festival to see, but they cancelled at the last minute anyway so you didn’t get to see them…

Maybe I’m just too cynical…

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