Everything Wrong With ‘Paranormal Activity’ In 7 Minutes Or Less

I’m not going to lie I thought Paranormal Activity was a terrible film when I initially saw it, and this has been the source of countless arguments, but this video by CinemaSins helps summarize what I hated about the movie.

From completely unlikeable characters, to the complete lack of any rationality in anyone’s actions it’s just a rubbish movie.

Baby Cult

This scares me, loads of people I went to school or in fact university with are married with kids, I go home once every couple of years and am surrounded by kids, I’m not talking babies actual walking talking children.

For some people once they become breeders they seem to go through a process of metamorphosis which strips them of the ability to converse about anything but their children. I’m not saying this happens to everyone, lots of people manage to maintain a really good balance between their own life and themselves, you can actually carry out a conversation with them that isn’t about their kids, others have no other topic of conversation.

Have they not watched any horror/action movies the person who incessantly talks about their kids is always the first to die!

Via Sleep Draw

Horror Pinups

Artist Jeffery Thomas‘(Blog) Femme Fatale collection(DeviantArt Gallery) re-envisions famous horror characters at 20’s pinups. I can imagine some of these ending up tattooed onto someone at some point.  You can see the rest of his artwork over on his DeviantArt page, there is some pretty cool stuff there.

Via The Mary Sue.