Nintendo Ukiyo-e Art

Jed Henry is starting a series of drawings of Nintendo Characters in the Style of Japanese Wood Blocks Ukiyo-e, So far he’s done Samus, Megaman and Link but he plans on doing more.


What If Sailor Jerry and Walt Disney Did a Collaboration?

Ariel the Siren

Tim Shumate has drawn some awesome illustations some of them feature Disney Prinecessed in a very Sailor Jerry style I’d check out his gallery on Facebook for some awesome artwork, including Storm from the X-Men, Wonder Woman, and a sexy penguin…

You can also see the finished result of the images as actual tattoos in his appropriately named Tattoos album.

It’s a shame that the Arabic on the Princess Jasmine picture isn’t joined up properly… In case you were wondering it says “Royal Blood.”




Via Tim Shumate – Illustration.