Howls Moving Castle Meets Adventure Time

I have a little confession to make, I’ve never actually watched an episode of Adventure Time, I’ve been exposed to it as a meme and I’ve seen clips of it which I think are quite funny, but I’ve never actually watched it. I do like this image though that meshes Adventure Time and Howls Moving Castle, it’s hard to say if it’s actually from an episode of Adventure Time or if it’s fan art as Adventure Time seems to be so bat shit insane…

Via Prince Gumball

For No Particular Reason Here Is a Llama

Llama (Photo credit: Ohmzar)

Here is a picture of a Llama that I took last year while at Blair Drummond Safari park, it came up as a recommended image by Zemanta for another post I was writing. Here also is a picture of a Tiger I took during the same trip. See I do photography as well as random nerdery!

Tiger (Photo credit: Ohmzar)

Lastly here is another Llama, because… Llama!

Lllama Face
Lllama Face (Photo credit: Ohmzar)

Game of Thrones Meets US Politics

This image is probably fairly accurate, especially the last one… I can’t actually remember where I found this though, It was just open in a browser tab. Probably posted by someone one Twitter or Facebook.

I’d Marry This Cake…

This is one hell of a wedding cake… Shaped like a wedding dress with a simple bodice and an intricately iced skirt. The only way to top this would be for the bride to actually wear the cake/dress.

Image found on Foodista I can’t find a source link aside from a post in Chinese on digu, which doesn’t attribute it to anyone.

Darth Atlas

The weight of the entire Empire lies on the shoulders of the feared / awesome Darth Vader. Chris Kawagiwa&#8217;s killer Atlas / Star Wars shirt design is now on sale now at WeLoveFine for $25.<br />
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Darth Atlas by Chris Kawagiwa (deviantART) (Facebook) (Twitter)

This Image by Chris Kawagiwa depicts Darth Vader as Atlas with the weight of the empire on his shoulders, it’s available as a T-Shirt at WeLoveFine for $25

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Rule 63 Skeletor

Skeletor goes all Rule 63 in this image taken at MEGACON 2012 by Short Fuse Pinups.

(I initially titled this rule 34, while I’m sure there are rule 34 Skeletor images out there, this is not where you will find them)

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