Transformers (Autobot) Infographic


Nice little infographic that tells you what the real world inspiration for the design of most of the generation 1 Autobots was.

Now all we need is a Decepticon version although I suspect that most of them would just be F15 Eagles.

F 15 eagle 4

Game of Thrones Meets US Politics

This image is probably fairly accurate, especially the last one… I can’t actually remember where I found this though, It was just open in a browser tab. Probably posted by someone one Twitter or Facebook.

Weird Sex In The Animal Kingdom

EDIT: I’m a little ashamed that I don’t appear to originally have posted the actual source of these images, must have been having a lazy day…
The source is Humon Comics and there are a few more that either didn’t exist when I originally posted this or I didn’t find.

The next time you think about setting your relationship status as “it’s complicated” spare a thought for these bizarre sexual practices that happen between animals…