Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments

In a surprisingly non mathematical related video Vi Hart talks about dealing with comments on the internet. While also playing with wax candles.

All of what she says is true, she’s developed a taxonomy of commenter and how to react to them, it all boils down to “Don’t let it get to you”

It’ll Never Catch On…

It’s May 1991, Tim Berners-Lee (Now Sir Tim Berners-Lee as seen at the Olympic opening ceremony) has just invented the internet and the sun bless em don’t think it’ll ever catch on… At least the author had the presence of mind to not use their real name…

Apparently Skyrim has Killed the Internet


past week or so for me…

Skyrim is stuff!

I’m noticing a trend of comics/images on the net implying that people are dropping everything to play Skyrim, it is a good game but I think people are taking it a little too far. Either that or the suspension on this band wagon is going to fail fairly soon as far too many people seem to be jumping on it…

Futurama Fry - Not sure if friends are dead or playing skyrim


Diary of a Dovahkiin.
Been playing a bit of Skyrim. Really don’t know why he doesn’t just leave right after that first incident. But, I guess that would make for a shorter game.
Enjoy. (?)

It’s tough to finish a comic strip properly when you are too busy venturing through the province of Skyrim slaying dragons!
I’m a Level 63 Procrastinator by theWAREHOUSE (Facebook)
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