I Am Iron Yoshi!

When Yoshi inhaled Iron Man and his powers, the Mushroom Kingdom was no longer the same. Awesome Marvel / Mario Bros. mash up by Nekoixa.
Iron Yoshi by Nekoixa (YouTube) (Flickr) (Twitter)
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Tony Stark Meets everyones favourite 16 Bit Dinosaur, in this piece by artist Iron Yoshi by Nekoixa (YouTube) (Flickr) (Twitter). I think Rampaged Reality seem to have confused Yoshi with Kirbi with their interpretation of how this came to be though…

When Yoshi inhaled Iron Man and his powers, the Mushroom Kingdom was no longer the same. Awesome Marvel / Mario Bros. mash up by Nekoixa.

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Iron Man? Nope!

Iron Man? Nope! Artist Evan Lee decided to change the Marvel crime fighter’s role and bring Iron Girl into the spotlight. Evildoers beware!
Iron Girl by Evan Lee (Blog) (CGHUB)

While I quite like this version of “Iron Girl” by Evan Lee (Blog) (CGHUB) I have to admit it took me a few seconds to realise that she wasn’t pregnant and that she was instead clutching her helmet to her tummy… That armour is a bit ridiculous, no protection to her boobs of bum. All in all I can see why despite being more aesthetically pleasing Tony Stark’s female counterpart wasn’t as successful…

It’s worth visiting his Gallery over at CG Hub  as it looks like he’s working on a game that might be called Gladus Regalis and the artwork is stunning.

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Winter is Coming and Iron Man is Going to Kick some Lannister Ass.

I love it when it occurs to me that a mashup would be quite cool and I google for it only to find that it’s already been done. And Done well. The Original is below by Marvel artist Mark Djurdjevic.

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Dream Journal: Pride and Iron

I has a really vivid dream last night which was a cross between Iron Man and a Jane Austen Novel… I think the dream started off with me being me writing a comic that had Iron man in it, and not knowing where to take it, I’d taken on a challenge that I had to release a 3 panel comic a day.

The comic featured a cameo of Iron Man… This somehow lead to Iron Man visiting a Georgian household with several young ladies. think Pride and Prejudice but replace Mr. Darcey with Iron Man… At some point perspective changed from me writing a comic to me being Tony Stark.

I remember that the Identity of Iron Man was a secret, and I think later the house became my house rather than the house of the Georgian ladies…

There was a long fight sequence as the person who was being set up to be the villain of the story was also courting whomever I was. It got a bit confusing from there, I remember not having access to my Iron Man Armour, but having access to an array of technological guns. Shooting the other guy using some weird Napalm Gun thing that burnt his skin, and I would assume lead to his being the villain.

I was also at some point wearing medieval armour because that was all I could get my hands on as I was trapped somewhere away from my Iron Man Armour…

The details are getting more and more sketchy as I wake up, I just wanted to note this down before I forgot it all.