Skyward Heart

Skyward Heart

This pendant which is in the shape of a heart container from The Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword is quite cute. It’s by The Pixelsmithy, and will apparently retail for $22 but is only available to pre-order at the moment.

Interestingly they debuted on Reddit, I think they know their target market…

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Land of Rapture Video Game Jewelry

Image of Please Stand By...Image of Aperture Science NecklaceImage of Mario 1UP Mushroom Necklace

Image of Fallout 3 / Fallout New Vegas Brass CufflinksImage of Bioshock Plasmid Rings Pt2
Land of Rapture have some very classy looking video game related jewellery, for sale, they may just be printouts of game icons on resin in lockets, rings, cuff links Etc… but they are none the less really cool. They also seem to have pixel microbead things, but everyone and their dog on Etsy is selling those…

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Image of Beating Chest CameoImage of Autumn Owl Cameo
Image of Mario Mushroom Earrings

Bottle Cap Jewelry

In the game Fallout the entire economy is based on bottle caps, maybe that’s where designer Yoav Kotik came up with these designs for jewelry that incorporates bottle caps. Some of them are absolutely amazing, I particularly like the simplicity of the Asahi ring. If you are a crafter and you drink a lot of beer or know someone who does, then maybe you could make something like this. Otherwise you can buy them from Yoav Kotik’s online shop.

Bottle Cap Jewelry.