Magnet Comic

dry-erase dialog

I just found out about Magnet Comic a recently funded kickstarter project. You stick character onto the panels and can draw in speech bubbles in dry erase marker. It’s like fridge magnet poetry for comic strips.

Apparently there will be packs of characters you can buy when this reaches production, if only I had a fridge that had a magnetic door so I could stick one of these to it.


This short strip is by Jake Wyat for the anthology “Reality Not Included”(Kickstarter) compiled by James Bourne

You can see the Kickstarter video for the anthology below, it looks pretty cool and has been fully funded

Juicetank iPhone charger case

This Kickstarter is genius! The idea is to incorporate an iPhone charger into an iPhone case so you physically plug your phone into the wall. The only flaw I can see with the design is that it doesn’t incorporate a docking port which you might want to use to connect your phone to a computer or dock. The only reason I’d not get one (aside from not owning an iPhone) is that it’s designed for an Americanplug socket, I’m sure if the project goes ahead they will create one for UK/European markets though…

Design Boom

Beautiful Settlers of Catan Wooden Board

This is an amazing Kickstarter project, I really enjoy Settlers of Catan but one of biggest issues with the game is that all the tiles slide all over the place. A bunch of guys realized this and decided to make a wooden board to hold the tiles, it looks like it’s evolved into one hell of a beautiful project though with laser etched wooden tiles.


Via GeekOSystem via Boing Boing via Kickstarter.