Troll Aunt

they would have really loved that kitten troll aunt

I went into the garage today to unpack the Christmas decorations. I found a present from last year that I had forgotten to give the grandkids. They would have really loved that kitten…

Found on Awesomephilia Image from We Know Memes (Because the one one the original site was a bit rubbish)

Battle Kitten!

Battle Cat gets taken back to a simpler time in Matt Parson’s cute new He-Man inspird shirt design. On sale today (11/2) at Shirt Punch for $10.
Did you miss the sale? It is also available at RedBubble.
Battle Kitty by Matt Parsons (RedBubble) (Flickr) (Twitter)
Via: fanboy30

Battlecat was one of my favourite characters in He-Man, there was something about his attitude that I liked, Matt Parsons (RedBubble) (Flickr) (Twitter) has created this homage in which we see battle cat as a kitten.

It was available on Shirt Punch yesterday and is now available on RebBubble. 

via Rampaged Reality.

Kitten hitches a ride on a tortoise!

This video makes me wish that I had a tortoise as well as kittens. I’ve seen videos of tortoises chasing cats but this is too cute. There is a bit in the middle where it’s almost like the kitten is saying “This is my stop”, but then decides he’s going to stay on.