Possibly The Creepiest Duvet Cover I’ve Ever Seen

I’m not sure i could bring myself to sleep int his bed… It is/was sold by HELLS BLANKETS who appear to no longer have a presence anywhere but MySpace, as their online shop is occupied by domain squatters… In a way i can sleep easier in the knowledge that no one else will have this on their bed.

I do secretly want this, but maybe for a guest room… My guests would never be able to escape the feeling they were being watched. Mwa ha ha ha!

Green Lantern Optimus Prime

This image by clu-art shows Optimus Prime as a Green Lantern, I’m going to admit my knowledge of the Green Lantern mythos is not what it could be, but I think I’m right in thinking that the Green Lantern Corps. have members from hundreds of planets protecting the galaxy from whatever it is the Green Lantern Corps. fight (Probably Red Lanterns or something like that, didn’t guy Gardener become a yellow lantern, or something like that?).

There is no reason why there couldn’t be a Cybertronian Green Lantern and who better than Optimus Prime?