NES Coffee Table by Matt Cyborgelt

I saw the above image and was like “Hey cool space invaders chair” then I was like “NES TABLE!!!!!!1111 one one one one”.

This is awesome, I want one, there is an entire gallery of images of the table over on Matt’s Flickr.

The Cartridge slot opens to reveal an extra large fully functional NES controller.


I think he has it wired up with his cable box inside, the controller ports are actually power sockets so he can plug in his laptop and the back opens up so he can reach the back of his cable box and whatever other gizmos he has in there.

Via Insanely Gaming

What Is It With Cats And Laptops?

Cats seem magnetically attracted to keyboards, and once then are on them they seem to have a magical ability to mess things up. When we first got the kittens Tiffin managed to walk over Annabel’s laptop and change the screen orientation so it was upside down. I’d assumed that he’d pressed Ctrl-Alt-Down but apparently that didn’t do anything to the laptop. It took me 15 minutes to find the setting in Windows 7 that changes the screen orientation…

Via Sinfest.