The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

Do you like both photography an cooking? Do you like to have items lying about your house that looks like photography kit but isn’t really then maybe you should buy the The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer at the Photojojo Store! It’s pretty much what it says on the tin, a kitchen timer that presumably goes up to sixty minutes that looks like an SLR lens.

Unlike the SLR Lens Mugs you can get this one doesn’t seem to be shaped like any particular manufacturer’s lens it just looks like a lens. Still quite cool, I’d consider it if  it went to f/120 I think f/60 is a little limiting.

via PhotoJoJo

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That’s one hell of a discount…

I was looking at a Wide angle Lens on after reading this article at digital photography school. At first I thought the price was a bit high given that DPS listed the Lens at just $400, then I noticed the RRP of this lens… 6 AND A QUARTER MILLION POUNDS!

With that kind of discount this lens is a total steal! Although I’m a bit sceptical about the %100 saving, thats not how maths works, we have this invention called fractions.