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Today’s Shirt Woot t-shirt re-imagines the legend of Zelda in the art style commonly found on ancient Greek pottery.

I find this oddly apt given Link’s predilection with smashing pots.

Legend of Zelda Art Nouveau

These Art Nouveau images are by Artist Melissa Somerville (Deviant Art Page), and feture characters from the Legend of Zelda series. Her Deviant Art page is full of cool illustrations based on among other things the Zelda Universe and the Okami Universe.

I can’t seem to find a fill size image of the Link and Zelda Images above just a Triptych.

Via Blue Dog Eyes

Nintendo Ukiyo-e Art

Jed Henry is starting a series of drawings of Nintendo Characters in the Style of Japanese Wood Blocks Ukiyo-e, So far he’s done Samus, Megaman and Link but he plans on doing more.


Nintendo Aprons

Princess Peach Apron

These Nintendo themed aprons by Janeille on Etsy are quite cool, you can get a Princess Peach one (above) a Zelda One or a Links One (both below). They are one of a kind made to order apparently so I assume you can have whatever customizations you want added to them.

Toon Zelda Apron

Big Daddy Linkio

DST - Big Daddy Linkio

The above image was created PeekaBooPeeper as part of an art project to create a super hero in a digital storytelling class:

We had to make up a super hero in my digital storytelling class and because we had free range, I decided it would be fun to combine three of my favorite gaming characters into one…had to make up a silly story about the freak accident that brought “Big Daddy Linkio” (Big Daddy+Mario+Link) into existence, describe his traits, powers, and so on…emphasis was story telling but gave me a great excuse to indulge in a completely ridiculous looking character…

DST - Linkio's Arsenal

Fairy Eater Link

Fairy Eater by Kim Herbst
For I have become Link: Devourer of Fairies. You honestly didnt think he was just absorbing them all whimsical-like, did you?
Artist: website / blogspot / etsy
(for fillupyourhearts)

This image by Kim Herbst shows one interpretation of how link heals himself using fairies…  I’m convinced I’ve posted a similar image with link eating an actual heart to regain his health but I can’t find it.

Via Illuminations and Other Stuff


Link Made up of Levels From The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Zelda 8bit Theatre Hookshot mini Pixel Art: 8 Bit Encore ~ The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Hookshot_John  of The Hookshot has created this really cool mosaic of Link from The Legend of Zelda using screen shots of the game. I think he’s fiddled with the colours slightly but it’s none the less pretty cool. You can appreciate the image in it’s full glory on his deviant art page.

Zelda 8bit Theatre Hookshot2 mini Pixel Art: 8 Bit Encore ~ The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Via The Hookshot

A Link to the Future

This Back to the Future/Zelda crossover design is pretty cool, it took me at least 30 seconds to find the origin of this image. It’s available from Level Up Studios as a T-Shirt and I think it’s by artist Caldwell Tanner.

via Far away from this world….