Mandie Manzano Disney Stained Glass

Found this lovely stained Glass image by Mandy Manzano featuring a whole bunch of Disney characters. Her Facebook page has more of her work including a preview of another unfinished Disney Stained glass image below:

She doesn’t just do Disney though look at her Facebook page there is even a shop you can buy stuff from.

Little Mermaid/Disney Wedding

I wasn’t going to blog this, but then I pissed myself laughing at the fact that she had her hair done with a fork… There is a whole photo set at the The Disney Wedding Blog of this Little Mermaid/Disney Princess Themed Wedding. Go check it out. I’ll leave you with this image of the bridal party:

Part of Your Guild (WOW Parody)

Once a very long time ago I played World of Warcraft, then I realised I was essentially just using it like  IRC with pretty 3d graphics.

This song which is a parody of Part of your world is however quite amusing.

Via World of FilkCraft.