13 Cheshire Cats Just In Time For Halloween

It’s coming up to Halloween and you have no idea what you are going to dress up as? Have no fear, here are 13 (Unlucky for some) examples of Cheshire cat make up to get you inspired.

1. Scary Cheshire Cat

Source (archial With Tutorial on YouTube)

2. Half Classic Half Burton

Source ( Beautylish)

3. Simple but Effective

Source (Imgur)

4. Fuzzy Ears

Source (Imgur)

5. Just Plain Scary

Have you checked out our roundup of scary Halloween makeup from our Beauties yet? Ashley G.’s Cheshire cat makeup is sure to keep you up at night!
Source (Beautylish)

6. Full Burton

Gästebuch von -Jolineee_
Source (WeHeartIt)

7. Another Scary One

Cheshire cat makeup. Wow!
Source (Rose Shock Also Alice)

8. Check That Grin Out!

Source (DaisyDisaster on Flickr)

9. Colourful!

Source (Miss Pixie Lu Lu With YouTube tutorial)

10. Knightmarish

I don’t think this is actually a Cheshire Cat but it could be.
Source (Crazydonut)

11. Cheshire Crack

Cheshire Crack
Source (BitterStarlite)

12. Alluring

Source (Reddit)

13. Incredibly Cute

Source (Imgur)

Here are a few bonus tutorials:

Lichtenstein Makeup by @c0louredlights

Have actual hi res images but thought I’d upload this in the meantime… Had wanted to redo my pop art makeup for ages as it was my first ever finished look and I know I’ve learned a lot since then, though I still love the original pictures. Rebecca’s hair being blue and incredible face made a great opportunity to try it again.

I have a soft spot for posting pictures of People wearing Lichtenstein Makeup. some of my  most viewed blog posts of all time are collections of Lichtenstein make up images and I’ve also posted a tutorial I found online which people seemed to like.

So I was pleasantly surprised when twitter suggested I follow @C0LOUREDLIGHTS (Tumblr) a Glasgow based make up artist and upon looking at her profile saw an example of Lichtenstein style make up. Looking through her Tumblr I found yet another which made me even happier:

Ying Yang

The above image is of Swedish photographer mebay and is entitled Ying Yang, it’s nothing short of creepy what a difference a little makeup can do, and the darkness the right side of her face makes what I assume is her un-made up side look really surreal. She re-tried the same concept in the blelow image entitled True Self but I don’t think it’s quite as evocative as her first attempt.


Via Deviant Art

Pop Art/Lichtenstein Video Tutorials

While randomly surfing the net I cam across the Images above and wondered what the source was it turns out someone at LADY ART LOOKS has put together a tutorial on how to do Pop art and Lichtenstein make-up. Since that seems to be the number one driver of traffic to my blog I’ve decided to put the tutorial here:

I also found another two tutorials so I’ve posted them here too:


Anime Eyes Makeup Tutorial

I’ve seen an image floating around the net a few times of a girl with Anime eye makeup, and while it’s not rocket science this tutorial will tell you exactly how to do it yourself. The girl babbles for about a minute at the start you can probably skip that.

Via Neatorama

Awesome UV Makeup Based On Traditional Bulgarian Folk Dress…


I found some of these images on Gradient Magazine who describe it as a “Transfomers Inspired” photoshoot byAdriana Gerasimova’s AddMinimal Studio, while they managed to find the source of the images, it turns out that this isn’t transformers inspired at all. According to Add Minimal’s own site on the Behance Network the makeup and costumes are inspired by:

“… traditional folklore garments related to typical rituals in the regions of Bulgaria”

Not Transformers at all… Although I can see how you’d mistake that from the image above…

These are some of the images of UV makeup I’ve seen in a while.

More info… http://www.behance.net/gallery/ADDMINIMAL-CR-STUDIO-CROSSROADS-the-explorer-/558273

Gradient Magazine Via http://www.addminimal.com/

More images after the Jump… Continue reading “Awesome UV Makeup Based On Traditional Bulgarian Folk Dress…”