Japanese Turn UK Into Cute Anime Girl

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Apparently a discussion thread on a Japanese website lead to them designing an anthropomorphic version of the UK as a cute anime/manga girl. There are a bunch of other designs inspired by this on this page, I’ve collated some of my favourites including the thought process behind transforming the UK in the gallery below.

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Japanese SDF Recruitment Posters

Apparently in Japan they advertise for recruits to the Special Defense Force (Japan aren’t allowed to have a military due to a clause that was added to their constitution after WWII) using manga. Look at how cute that girl is, she is missing her boyfriend who is away helping people for his country. The above image is from the 2012 campaign below are the 2011 and 2010 posters.

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Anime Nouveau

I stumbled onto this image by artist =saiyagina (The same person who did the image I posted earlier today about the couple on a bridge) on some random Tumblr blog which I’ve since accidentally closed the window to 🙁 This lead me to find out there is a Book collecting a bunch of anime nouveau images by other artists called Parallele unfortunately the page for it on Deviant art is in Itallian and I can’t find any more info on it… Here is a single image with some of  the images in the book (I can’t read Italian but I surmise that there are 68 full colour pages from the text): Continue reading “Anime Nouveau”