Stitch Your Journey Together

I love the cocept of this map available from Not On The High Street, you get a beautifully printed map of either: The UK, Ireland, Europe or the World a bit of thread and a needle, and you have to stitch your journey onto the map. It’s like traveling by dotted line in the comfort of your own living room!

This is a great idea for people going on one of those adventure of a lifetime trip around the world things, or a gap year, or just hopping around Europe on an inter rail pass. I’m surprised there isn’t one of the US given the propensity for people to go on road trips in the US. It shouldn’t be too hard to get one made though.

If I did this I’d probably use different coloured threads for different modes of transport, planes would be green (The irony of this colour choice it not lost one me), car journeys red, boats blue and trains some other colour (grey?).

Alternatively you could buy a different coloured thread for each holiday you go one and slowly turn the map into a tapestry of colour!

I might have to go on a trip around the world just so I can fill one of these in. I like this idea so much more that I like the maps where you scratch off the countries you have visited, mainly because it highlights where you have actually been rather than just the countries you’ve been to.

Game Design Evolution

I may not be an FPS fan, but I think the above applies to an awful lot of games, especially Final Fantasy XIII, which is so linier  it’s painful. I do remember how complicated games used to be though, I remember both hating a loving getting lost in them, mainly because my sense of direction in 3D games is terrible, especially when everything looks the same.

I appreciate that game designers are creating games with such graphical quality that every corridor takes someone a year to design, but is it really worth it if all you get to see is the one corridor?

Also don’t get me started cut scenes and bloody quicktime events… I think game design is suffering because game designers are bowing to the almighty polygon and making everything really pretty at the expense of game play, I’m not alone in thinking this.

I’m going to stop this rant now, because it’ s not going anywhere and I’m tired. Suffice it to say I agree with the image and it makes me sad.

Via Rampant Games