Big Daddy Linkio

DST - Big Daddy Linkio

The above image was created PeekaBooPeeper as part of an art project to create a super hero in a digital storytelling class:

We had to make up a super hero in my digital storytelling class and because we had free range, I decided it would be fun to combine three of my favorite gaming characters into one…had to make up a silly story about the freak accident that brought “Big Daddy Linkio” (Big Daddy+Mario+Link) into existence, describe his traits, powers, and so on…emphasis was story telling but gave me a great excuse to indulge in a completely ridiculous looking character…

DST - Linkio's Arsenal

Winter is Coming and Iron Man is Going to Kick some Lannister Ass.

I love it when it occurs to me that a mashup would be quite cool and I google for it only to find that it’s already been done. And Done well. The Original is below by Marvel artist Mark Djurdjevic.

via  GeekTyrant.

Dick and Jane and Vampires

Why should adults get all the fun from mashups of literary works and horror tropes? The wall street journal has a review of this children’s book which adds vampires to the classic and often parodied Fun with Dick and Jane children’s books. I like the trend of taking works that have fallen out of copyright and messing with them. You can read the whole reivw over at Speakeasy – WSJ.

In general it’s a positive review, I’ve not got kids, and my only exposure to the Fun with Dick and Jane books has been people taking the pictures from the book out of context and using the fact that they used the shortened version of poor young Richard’s name. So I’m not really one to judge the book.