Portal Art Nouveau Print

It seems that Art Nouveau seems to be becoming fashionable with gamers. I posted about a Nintendo themed Tryptic the other day and today I see this lovely Portal image.

This one is being Auctioned by for Desert Bus For Hope for Child’s Play in November.

Update: Here is a slightly better version of the same image with out the Tumblr link at the bottom, turns out the image is by Megan Lara (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter) whom I’ve blogged about before.

Megan Lara brings another Art Nouveau style piece to her arsenal and gives it an awesome Portal 2 spin. It was created for a good cause too! “This is a poster I did for Desert Bus For Hope 5. They’ll be auctioning off a 12” x 18” print of it for the children” - Megan Lara Art Nouveau Chell Poster by Megan Lara (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Via Scoped & Dropped.

Nintendo Art Nouveau Posters By Megan Lara


There is something about art nouveau art that just exudes class, I really like these three Nintendo themed pieces available as a triptych or separately from artist Megan Lara‘s store over at society6. I’d love to have these up on my wall as they are quite subtle and it’s not immediately obvious that they are video game inspired.

More images of the art in the flesh from Level up studios:

Megan has also done some pretty cool Firefly inspired posters among others, it’s worth having a look at her site to see her other work…



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