Kings Landing in Minecraft

This is Kings Landing the seat of power of Westeros from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones created in Minecraft posted by Redditor pizzainacup. It took about 100 people a little over 4 months to create this, there are apparently 3000 unique buildings all with interiors. It can be accessed on

It looks like they are planning on creating the entirety of Westeros and Essos, and are waiting on Minecraft’s Mod API so that they can release this as an open world RPG with quests and NPCs.


Minecraft Creeper latex dress

Minecraft Creeper latex dress (by Katie Sandström)

Mincraft is one of those games I’ve been meaning to play ever since I first heard about it at least a year ago, it’s permeated geek culture, so much so that I think this dress by Katie Sandstrom is awesome despite not having played the game. What is even cooler about it is that she apparently made it herself, and what’s even cooler than that is that she also made a Latex Tardis costume…

Chameleon circuit

Blue Dog’s eyes