Story Idea: Mirror worlds

I had a idea for a story last night which I’ve not fleshed out at all, the premise is a bit Alice in wonderlandy, in that a normal person goes into a magical world, however at the same time a person from that magical world is sucked into our world. The writing style would have the chapters alternate between the two characters in the two worlds as they tried to cope with what they were going through.

I’m aware of the cliche’s nature of the childrens story where a character is sucked into a magical world, Alice in Wonderland, Coraline, Spirited Away, The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe, etc. There have even been a few where magical people come through to our world, like the horifyingly terrible Enchanted by disney, and the TV show The Charmings. There are also stories where characters have switched over the only one I can think of off hand is Mirror Mask but I’m sure there are others. I don’t think I’ve seen one where one character or the other wasn’t a villain of some sort, or where both characters got the same ammount of “Screen Time” as it were.

My idea is to explore how mundane things in our world seemed messed up to fantasy character, just as magicy jiggerypokery would seem odd to one of us.

No Idea if it would work, but I’m blogging it so I can remember I’ve had it.