Steam Punk Outfit

This is a really cool photo of Model Nicotine in full Steam Punk Regalia, I found the image on UFunk with no credit or attribution, it’s not hard to find the source of an image these days why are people so Lazy… It’s taken me a whole minute to find her profile page on a modeling website and her own page on which I found out that she has a whole lot of other Steam punk photo’s, none as impressive as the one above.

I find it a little disgusting that somone can post a picture of somone else that is essentially a work of art without bothering their ass to find out any attribution, the caption on UFunk is just “Cute Steam Punk Girl” that’s it…

Via ModelMayhem. (And as I mentioned above UFunk, see attribution of sources, it’s easy… )

Darth Vader Doesn’t Wake Up At 7Am (NSFW)

This is a really cool photo essay, about a persons dreams for their future and what they wanted to be as a child. I especially like the photo’s with the X-Ray held in front of the woman. The photographs are by Conan Soranno and features a model called Mischa.

[slideshow id=1]

Via Zavity