Shutter Huggers

Anyone who has ever had to photograph a child know how difficult it is, you often have to resort to holding a stuffed toy up to get their attention. Why bother with a cuddly toy when you can make sure that they are looking right at the camera?

Shutter Huggers go around your DSLR lens and they give kids a reason to look straight at the camera. There are more on the site including a monkey and they are planning on releasing Mini Shutter Huggers for compact and phone cameras later this year.

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Darth Vader Doesn’t Wake Up At 7Am (NSFW)

This is a really cool photo essay, about a persons dreams for their future and what they wanted to be as a child. I especially like the photo’s with the X-Ray held in front of the woman. The photographs are by Conan Soranno and features a model called Mischa.

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